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What were the first printed books in the Nordic Countries?

I ran across som cool stats on printing in Sweden and Denmark (at this time, Norwegians wrote in Danish). I’m especially charmed by the spelling of ‘devil’ in Middle Swedish: dyäfwlsen…

First printed books in Denmark (1482):
Breviarium Ottoniense (Odense Breviary) and Guillaume Caoursin’s De obsidione et bello Rhodiano (‘On the siege and war of Rhodes’), both printed by Johann Snell in Odense in 1482
brevarius ottoniense

First printed book in Danish (1495):
Den danske rimkrönike

First book printed in Finland (1488):
I can find no data on this…

First printed book in Finnish (1638):
A bible translation: Biblia, Se on: coci Pyhä Ramattu suomexi. An edition of 1,200 copies. it was printed in Stockholm at the press of Heinrich Keyser, since there was no printing press in Finland at that point.

First printed book in Sweden (1483):
Dialogus creaturarum moralizatus (an allegorical religious tract in Latin).
Dialogus creaturarum

First printed book in Swedish (1495):
Aff dyäfwlsens frästilse
aff dyäfwlsens frästilse