Current Research

I am a PhD student at the Department of Linguistics, at Stockholms University. On March 3, 2017, I defend my thesis Triangulating Perspectives on Lexical Replacement: From Predictive Statistical Models to Descriptive Color Linguistics.

Here are some other research questions that interest me:

How can we measure the speed of lexical replacement in languages? Often cognate class judgements are used. Can this process be automated using Levenshtein distances?

Can we use linear regression or mixed models to understand what drives lexical replacement?

How much does language change in a single generation? Can we measure this?

At what age does the color vocabulary of a language stabilize?

How did the PINK and PURPLE colour concepts evolve in Western Europe from the middle ages until today?

What's the best way to database something as elusive as cross-linguistic semantic data?

How do languages use temperature terms in extended meanings (metaphors, metonymies etc)?

What does the temperature term system of Ojibwe look like?

What's the semantic shared ground for multimodal perception words? "sharp light", "sharp smell", "sharp sound" - what does sharp mean?


is a Swede living in New York. She has PhD in linguistics, is a former editor at LinguistList, an impro theatre enthusiast, and wife of Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson


You can email me at susanne squigglysign vejdemo dot se or skype me at "susvej". I'm also on Facebook.